Let’s have a look at a couple of real-life examples!


I have created the following config file to track my work on tools development in git, bug updates in bugzilla, ticket updates in trac, plus my favorite header & footer I’m used to fill manually:

email = "Petr Šplíchal" <psplicha@redhat.com>
width = 79

type = header
high = Highlights
joy = Joy of the week ;-)

type = git
did = /home/psss/git/did
edd = /home/psss/git/edd

type = trac
prefix = TT
url = https://some.trac.com/trac/project/rpc

type = bugzilla
prefix = BZ
url = https://bugzilla.redhat.com/xmlrpc.cgi

type = footer
next = Plans, thoughts, ideas...
status = Status: Green | Yellow | Orange | Red


Here’s how available command line options look like with this config. Note that did detects all enabled plugins and creates corresponding option groups for each of them:

usage: did [this|last] [week|month|quarter|year] [options]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit

  --email EMAILS   User email address(es)
  --since SINCE    Start date in the YYYY-MM-DD format
  --until UNTIL    End date in the YYYY-MM-DD format

  --header-high    Highlights
  --header-joy     Joy of the week
  --header         All above

Bugzilla stats:
  --bz-filed       Bugs filed
  --bz-patched     Bugs patched
  --bz-posted      Bugs posted
  --bz-fixed       Bugs fixed
  --bz-returned    Bugs returned
  --bz-verified    Bugs verified
  --bz-commented   Bugs commented
  --bz-closed      Bugs closed
  --bz             All above

Work on tools:
  --tools-did      Work on did
  --tools-edd      Work on edd
  --tools          All above

Tickets in trac:
  --trac-created   Tickets created in trac
  --trac-accepted  Tickets accepted in trac
  --trac-updated   Tickets updated in trac
  --trac-closed    Tickets closed in trac
  --trac           All above

  --footer-next    Plans, thoughts, ideas...
  --footer-status  Status: Green | Yellow | Orange | Red
  --footer         All above

  --format FORMAT  Output style, possible values: text (default) or wiki
  --width WIDTH    Maximum width of the report output (default: 79)
  --brief          Show brief summary only, do not list individual items
  --verbose        Include more details (like modified git directories)

  --config FILE    Use alternate configuration file (default: 'config')
  --total          Append total stats after listing individual users
  --merge          Merge stats of all users into a single report
  --debug          Turn on debugging output, do not catch exceptions


Now it’s easy to find out what I was working on during this week:

> did
Status report for this week (2015-09-07 to 2015-09-13).

 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha@redhat.com>

* Highlights

* Joy of the week

* Bugs fixed: 2
    * BZ#1261963 - wrong date format causes traceback
    * BZ#1248551 - status-report crashes when trac url is incorrect

* Work on did: 52 commits
    * 91ae8e7 - Enabled syntax highlighting for config example
    * 978add5 - Convert plugin order list into table
    * 5de5514 - Update welcome page and module documentation
    * 0773a3f - Handle invalid date format
    * 4deb67b - Handle invalid paths in the git plugin config
    * 2aace67 - Handle invalid url in trac plugin configuration
    * 717f9e4 - Consider ticket description change as update
    * e84e0fc - Allow turning off py.test output capture feature
    * 7ae7df1 - Check free command line arguments for typos
    * b4e110e - Include example config in docs, adjust man page
    * d623ef0 - Clarify a bit more did.cli.main() usage
    * 72aaa5d - Move module description to the module itself
    * ...

* Tickets updated in trac: 2
    * TT#0400 - Convert status-report to an open source project
    * TT#0490 - Add or improve missing test coverage for key use cases

* Plans, thoughts, ideas...

* Status: Green | Yellow | Orange | Red


I can check my work on tools development during the last month:

> did --tools last month
Status report for the last month (2015-08-01 to 2015-08-31).

 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha@redhat.com>

* Work on did: 3 commits
    * 6167e4f - Adjustments after the stats refactoring
    * 3df5c60 - Include gerrit details as comments, fix exception
    * 6bc869f - Include 'items' plugin config example

* Work on edd: 13 commits
    * 77d5c94 - Bail out if no file selected with --list [fix #5]
    * eb4db1a - Document the Ctrl-Shift-V keyboard shortcut
    * 1888397 - Version bump and changelog entry for 0.2
    * 2f4b631 - Document new options, some adjustments
    * c18095c - New option --last, some reorganization [fix #1]
    * 437103e - Work around RHEL7 zenity bug [BZ#1060471]
    * 653c7de - Merge new option --list
    * dddbc85 - Use the primary mouse selection first [fix #2]
    * a025c1c - Packaging stuff, documentation update
    * 7b3e9c8 - Detect text editor if not set
    * a1a2b9a - Use 'txt' extension for the temporary file
    * dec9d63 - New option --shortcut for keyboard shortcut
    * 556d3c4 - Include a short usage message


It’s also possible to list only a concise summary of each section using the --brief option or select only desired stats to be displayed. Special values today and yesterday can be used instead of typing the whole date string:

> did --bz-filed --bz-fixed --bz-verified --until today --brief
Status report for given date range (1993-01-01 to 2015-09-11).

 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha@redhat.com>
* Bugs filed: 845
* Bugs fixed: 427
* Bugs verified: 278

That’s it! Now you can experiment yourself ;-)