The config file ~/.did/config is used to store both general settings and configuration of individual reports. Command line option --config allows to select a different config file from the config directory. This can serve as a kind of a profile and is especially useful for gathering team reports.

Use the DID_DIR environment variable to override the default config directory ~/.did and use your custom location instead. For example if you prefer to keep you home directory clean you might want to add the following line into .bashrc:

export DID_DIR=~/.config/did/


Use the full email format Name Surname <> if you want to have your full name displayed in the output or choose the short one if you don’t care. Multiple email addresses can be provided, separated with a comma, in both config file and on the command line, for example:

did --email,
did --email --email

This can be useful if you have several email aliases or if you want to generate report for the whole team. Note that the full email address format can be used on the command line as well.


Custom email or login alias can be provided in stats sections. This allows to override the default value for individual stats:

type = github
url =
login = psss

See did.base.User for detailed information about the advanced email/login alias support.


Order of individual sections is based on the default order set for each plugin separately. You can adjust stats order by providing your desired value in respective config section, for example:

type = git
order = 100
apps = /home/psss/git/apps

This would place the git stats at the top of your report, just after the header section. Check Plugins documentation for the default order information.


Here’s an example config file with all available plugins enabled. See Plugins documentation for more detailed description of options available for particular plugin. You can also check python module documentation, e.g. pydoc did.plugins.git.

email = Petr Splichal <>
width = 79

type = header
highlights = Highlights
joy = Joy of the week ;-)

type = nitrate

type = bugzilla
prefix = BZ
url =

type = git
apps = /home/psss/git/apps

type = git
tests = /home/psss/git/tests/*

type = github
url =
login = psss

type = gerrit
url =
prefix = GR

type = trac
prefix = TT
url =

type = trello
user = member

type = rt
prefix = RT
url =

type = jira
prefix = JIRA
project = ORG
url =

type = wiki
wiki test =

type = bitly
token = <token>

type = items
header = Work on projects
item1 = Project One
item2 = Project Two
item3 = Project Three

type = footer
next = Plans, thoughts, ideas...
status = Status: Green | Yellow | Orange | Red